The WCEA provides specialist CE platforms to organizations representing millions of learners around the world.

As the WCEA platform has been designed for CE, the system can quickly and easily be configured to conform with the most complex of CE legislator requirements.

The flexible platform architecture removes the need for time-consuming and expensive consultative development for each customer setup, bringing the cost base down considerably, whilst offering a full solution almost instantly.

The platform is used by organizations ranging from small associations to the councils of whole countries to enable the delivery of CE compliance in sectors like nursing.

What really sets the WCEA apart is that we do not just provide Learning Management Systems (LMS) but a complete CE solution.  There is no point in having a great LMS if you have limited access to courses! See some of the content packages from our leading educators.”

The WCEA works with the best educators in each industry to create one central network of education that every WCEA customer can benefit from. The WCEA is also the only organization that offers a specialist CE Catalog.  The CE Catalog enables organizations that already have a system to download courses for learners to study on their own LMS.

The WCEA is proud to work in partnership with organizations such as the WMA and ICN as we supply systems, and access to knowledge, to improve industry performance and healthcare through forever learning and development.