The WCEA works in partnership with the World Medical Association, the International Council of Nurses and other key collaboration partners focusing on supporting healthcare organizations to provide their professional healthcare workers access to education through online systems and mobile technology. In doing so we work with respected educators to make their content available around the world.

Our primary area of focus is on Continuing Professional Development (CPD/CME)/ Lifelong Learning and we are currently assisting organizations across the world with access to COVID 19 resources.

Our technology allows organizations to react quickly to pandemics through the provision of eLearning & mLearning, plus the ability to send bulk SMS messages to frontline health workers to assist with preparedness, response and control during epidemics, pandemics, natural disasters etc.

The technology has been further developed to allow organizations to gather artificial intelligence via Field Surveys & feedback from staff.

Our team is dedicated to helping provide the information and education that will protect healthcare workers, and assist the healthcare community at this most difficult of times.

Collaboration Partners

International Partnerships

Collaboration Partners

Some of our Key Education Partnerships