Receive 30% of the revenue generated through the sale of Continuing Professional Development courses, or pass on the discount as a member / reader benefit.

The World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA) is a UK company, centrally run through our office in Spain which works across every time zone. The WCEA manages partnerships with the world’s leading education providers in industries such as medical, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy and business.

Leading Education Courses

The WCEA team researches the best CPD education suppliers around the world and enters into distribution agreements with the leading organisations. Education that is of international interest is then selected, and repurposed for delivery into different countries.
Our physiotherapy CPD package is supplied by FlexCEUs. We are permitted to distribute the courses everywhere but the United States of America and are therefore able to supply the courses at a fraction of the normal cost.


Affiliate Link

The affiliate link is the best way to engage with your members / readers. A tab is created on your website called Education, or if an existing Education tab exists, this tab is used. A piece of code is then inserted on your website which opens an “iframe” to display the courses.

The code is as simple as:
<iframe src=”; style=”width: 1px; min-width: 100%; height: 2405px; overflow: hidden;” scrolling=”no”></iframe>

Once the code has been embedded new courses and course packages offered by the WCEA are automatically displayed. This page, therefore, creates an ongoing revenue stream with no additional work.

Click here to see how this displays on your website.

Affiliate Advert

If you do not wish to create a separate education page, another option is to display an advert:

100% run by the WCEA

Once the affiliate link has been setup, the WCEA takes over.

  • Automatically creates and updates landing page
  • Supplies the Learning Management System
  • Technical Support for learners
  • Continually updates education packages
  • Reporting and payments

30% Affiliate Revenue Share

Receive a percentage of the gross income
By registering as an affiliate and adding a link to your website you will receive a percentage of the gross income for orders collected through your site.

This not only includes the initial order but subsequent renewals for up to 3 years, regardless of whether the learner renews directly or through your website. Payments are made on a quarterly basis.

Member / Reader Benefit
If you would prefer to pass on the 30% as a member benefit then the option can be set up in our system. The text will need to be entered in your website above our code explaining that 30% has been passed onto the learner.

Affiliate Platform

You are provided with a username and password to be able to login to our Affiliate Platform.

The platform will share user numbers and revenue generated in order that you can review the performance of the initiative whenever you wish.

Payments are made quarterly through our “self billing” system.

Learning Management System

Your existing Learning Management System
If you already have an LMS, we can “bulk sell” access to the courses. (If this is of interest, please inform us of your membership/user members in order that a quote can be prepared for you).

Sell you a Learning Management System
If you are looking for an LMS, the WCEA has the perfect LMS solution for you which includes access to the courses. (A separate meeting will need to be arranged with one of our LMS consultants).

Next Steps

Complete the Affiliate Agreement

We liaise with
your webmaster

Your Affiliate Account
login provided

Affiliate page /
adverts go live