Urgent need for Covid 19 courses

Helping to support the global healthcare community

Generate significant additional revenue by supplying your education to learners around the world

The WCEA is the largest global provider of specialist continuing education platforms supplying systems to organizations representing millions of learners in over 100 countries. The WCEA’s role is to market a network of CE internationally, connecting educators with learners around the world.

Our role is to generate international income for you without impacting existing revenue streams.

The platform makes it easier than ever before to distribute your education and ensures that an up-to-date and accessible resource of CE is available to learners worldwide.

At this time the WCEA is focused on supplying free Covid 19 courses to the global network of healthcare professionals

Revenue share through multi-channel sales

Courses are sold in a “bundle” with the WCEA taking a share of the revenue generated. The educator has no financial risk and WCEA takes on all the costs of sales and marketing, Learning Management System, technical support, streaming and hosting, country sales tax filing, Pay Per Click (Google advertising) and remarketing. A different revenue share percentage is applied depending on how the bundle of courses is sold.

Selling courses to associations

The WCEA establishes the largest organizations that work in the sector and offer them Learning Management Systems for their Organization who are charged a higher price for the bundle than Associations as they have more budget, and pay per learner, rather than per member.

Selling courses through affiliates

The WCEA team markets our affiliates program to: print / online publishers; websites; blog sites; conference organisers; University alumni websites; any other site that has relevant traffic; associations that do not want to pay for their members.

Selling courses through Google Pay Per Click / Remarketing

The WCEA works with the Google Charity Partners to access their Pay Per Click budget of $120,000 a year. 20% of revenue generated.

Selling courses through associations

The WCEA supplies Learning Management Systems to hundreds of associations around the world.
The price per member charged for the bundle of courses may be low but the numbers of members can be large, and only a percentage of the members will study one or more courses.

Sales price for bundles

The sales price varies depending on type of organisation, the competition in that country and the strength of CE legislation.

A minimum price is agreed for each bundle, for example for selling into associations that could have tens (sometimes hundreds) of thousands of members.

Because we share the revenue with you,
we are always incentivised to generate the best return from each customer

Further Information

Restricting distribution

If there are countries (for example your own) that you would not like education distributed in then you list those countries in our agreement and your courses will not be offered on the MOOCs or through the LMS in the restricted countries. In addition, if some of your courses are only suitable for distribution in certain countries then the distribution can be restricted accordingly.

Distributing education in low and middle-income countries

The WCEA supplies systems into developing regions.

The main focus of this service is to assist in bridging the gap and providing the same access to courses to all healthcare professionals but a share of revenue generated is also paid to the education provider.

Content Migration Team

The WCEA has a dedicated migration team that will upload the education on behalf of the educator taking very little of the educator’s time.

Translation of courses

With the permission of the educator, the top performing text courses will be translated into multiple languages and the top performing video courses will have subtitles added. Translating education will further increase the global reach and the revenue that is generated for the educator.


The WCEA creates a “self-billing” invoice and can transfer the monthly payment directly into the educator’s bank account.

Agreement termination

Courses can be removed at any time with immediate notice and courses will not be offered for any new user license agreements. Education will still be offered for up to 12 months to any learner/organization that has already paid the license fee.

Termination can apply to every country or distribution into selected countries can be cancelled at any time.

If you are interested in becoming a content provider, fill out the consent form below: