The WCEA is a software company that has a relatively low fixed cost base. Our mission is to work with key stakeholders in the Ministries of Health, Regulatory Councils and Associations with a primary focus on supporting skills development of healthcare professionals in low resource countries.

The objective is to provide sustainable long term training solutions building capacity around Continuing Professional Development and Lifelong learning through e-learning and mobile technology solutions for health.

We provide organisations access to education from internationally respected educators that is peer reviewed by international and local experts to ensure the content is relevant to nursing practices in the country or region.  In some cases the educators will allow the content to be adapted for local settings.

We are also working closely with education partners in the low resource countries to develop local resources that can be shared with other organisations in the region.

The commercial education providers we work with have predominantly fixed costs and support our initiatives by supplying education, often in line with their charitable goals. We also benefit from our relationships with NGO’s such as Jhpiego, Safe Delivery App and others to obtain Free Content to continually drive down the long term sustainability costs.

The objective over the next 2 years is to establish a significant userbase of healthcare professionals and with this comes economies of scale.

The WCEA has committed to supplying the systems for free until 2022 at which point it intends to hand over the platforms to the organizations to run. This will require investment from each country, and/or support from external funding. We will continue to invest in the technology to ensure the platform is kept up to date and meets the needs and demands of our clients/partners.