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WCEA for Africa, Asia & the Middle East

Ministries, Regulatory Bodies & Associations

We can help build capacity in the training of your health workers and members

At the start of 2020 the WCEA launched an initiative to provide a sustainable e-learning mobile platform to Ministries of Health, Profession Councils and Professional Associations in the developing world, with the goal of building capacity in CPD & lifelong learning.

The commercial education providers we work with have predominantly fixed costs and support our initiatives by supplying education, often in line with their charitable goals.

The WCEA has committed to supplying the systems for free until 2022 at which point it intends to hand over the platforms to the organizations to run. This will require investment from each country, and/or support from external funding, such as non governmental organizations.

Delivered on the WCEA Learning Management System
Courses from leading global educators
Study on Smartphone or computer
Automatically updates councils HR system
Full visibility of study activities
Learners can track their progress against licensing requirements
Community features improve communication and knowledge sharing
Webinars, live events, and conferences

FREE e-Learning Platform

The e-Learning & m-Learning platform is designed to reach the maximum number of healthcare professionals. Learners can access the system online and offline, on computers or their Smartphones.

Information from your HR system can be combined with study activity to gain a full picture of capacity by location, cadre, age, gender and much more, enabling you to determine where you need to build skills.

Of course, providing a system is only part of the solution. Learners need to use it. This is where the WCEA can help with our engagement platform. Pre-agreed engagement messages are then sent out with links to the mobile phone App and Learning Management System. Once registered, further messages are sent through the platform informing them of their CPD requirements and progress.


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