The World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA) is a UK company, centrally run through our office in Spain which works across every time zone. The WCEA manages partnerships with the world’s leading education providers in industries such as medical, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary and teaching.

Provide your team with leading Continuing Professional Development courses at a fraction of the normal cost

The WCEA team researches the best CPD education suppliers around the world and enters into distribution agreements with the leading organisations. Education that is of international interest is then selected, and repurposed for delivery into different countries. Our pharmacy CPD package is supplied by the Australian College of Pharmacy and the courses have been independently accredited by ACPE (the US accreditor).

We are permitted to distribute the courses everywhere but Australia and are therefore able to supply the courses at a fraction of the normal cost.


Cost of courses for one-year access

1 to 10
11 to 50
51 to 100
101 to 200
201 to 700
Unlimited usage within your organisation


Cost per Learner
Custom pricing available

Cost per Learner – LMIC
Custom pricing available

$200 setup fee – covers account setup, liaison and support to upload files.
Courses can also be studied by individual learners by providing them with this URL.

Learning and Content Management System

Your own Learning Management System
We provide you with SCORM files to upload to your own system. For course security reasons, when the courses are opened, the learning plays directly from our server which provides access up to the number of courses sold.

The WCEA Learning Management System
A leading LMS used by hundreds of organizations around the world.

  • A full suite of reporting
  • Enables you to create and upload your own courses
  • Automatically updates the CPE monitor for CE compliance
  • It is sold separately to the education content
  • $3,000 setup fee
  • $7.50 per learner

If this is of interest, a separate meeting will be arranged with an LMS consultant.

Other Content

The WCEA supplies many thousands of courses across multiple sectors. For example, the WCEA supplies medical and nursing systems in partnership with:

international council of nurses

The International Council of Nurses has partnered with the WCEA to improve global healthcare by making the highest quality education available to nurses through global collaboration with leading providers.

World Medical Association

The WCEA has a similar partnership with the World Medical Association (umbrella membership of 10M physicians) to improve access to the world’s leading medical courses.

If visitors to your website may be interested in other education sectors, selected sectors (or all sectors) can also be offered.


Next Steps

Review the courses

Fill out the Course Purchase Agreement

We supply the course files

If you required a WCEA LMS, we organize a meeting with one of our LMS consultants.