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WCEA for Africa, Asia & the Middle East

About WCEA

WCEA is a social impact technology company that provides sustainable & innovative e-health & m-health technology solutions for CPD and lifelong learning, enabling capacity building. This is achieved by partnering with NGOs, local and international providers.

Our stakeholders include Ministries of Health, Regulatory bodies, Associations, Health Facilities, and training colleges in Africa, Asia & the Middle East


What we do

To significantly improve access to high quality, evidence-based, peer-reviewed education to frontline health workers, maximizing the impact of donor funding through the removal of unnecessary duplication.

To avoid duplication, we leverage existing resources from globally respected educators that follow WHO guidelines.

We work with our stakeholders to keep the skills and knowledge of nurses, midwives, clinical officers & doctors up to date, empowering them to deliver better patient care and improving health outcomes.

Key Milestones

During 2019 we enhanced our platform to work in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East and worked with regulatory bodies and educators to deliver a training program for nurses and midwives.

Launched January 16th 2020
May 2020

15 countries launched, 80,000 app downloads, 500,000 courses studied, the launch of COVID-19 response

June 2020

30 countries launched, 160,000 apps downloaded, 1 million courses studied, 250,000 COVID-19 courses studied

September 2020

40 countries launched, 205,000 apps downloaded, 1.5 million courses studied, 370,000 COVID-19 courses studied, launched to doctors, AJA Social platform added to the app

December 2020

50 countries launched, 285,000 apps downloaded, 2.2 million courses studied, 475,000 COVID-19 courses studied, 30,000 doctors using the platform, 375,000 healthcare professionals

December 2021

52 countries launched, 500,000 healthcare professionals, 4 Million courses studied. Live webinars added to the platform, with events taking place on a weekly basis.

December 2022

60 countries launched, 6.5 Million courses studied, with 650,000 healthcare professionals using the platform, which now includes clinical officers and pharmacists, as well as nurses, midwives and doctors. Significant features added to the platform, including pathways, live events and blended learning.


Our team is dedicated to making a difference, whether they are working on the technical platform, managing content, or rolling out new countries and organizations. We all want the best education to reach as many people as possible and make a difference to health outcomes.

David Montgomery

Chief Executive Officer

Craig Fitzpatrick

Programme Director

Graham Hellier


Samantha Chapman

Head of Client Relationships

Dani Grilo

Lead Software Engineer

John Kyalo

Digital Health Marketing

Claudia Chemi

Digital Design

Ralitsa Pankova

Marketing & Communications

Alex Caballero

Quality Assurance (QA)

Elizabeth Ndinguri

Head of Education & Training

Graeme Maxwell

Course Manager

Dhaneshwar Kumar

Software Developer

Alex Montgomery

Project Marketing Administrator

Vanessa Bruce-Adjei

Business Manager

Devesh Dagar

Content Development

Peeyush Tuli

Lead Architect

Ana Alvarez

Partner Coordinator

Ankit Gupta

Software Developer

Mansi Singhal

Content Team

Amandeep Sharma

Content Team

Shrey Kant

Platform Management