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WCEA for Africa, Asia & the Middle East


Platform designed to provide access to learners in low resource countries

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There are many challenges in the delivery of education in parts of Africa, Asia & the Middle East. These include access to computers, internet access, data costs, low bandwidth networks, the ability to train learners with the technology, and the ability to reach learners initially.

The WCEA platform has been designed specifically to overcome these challenges. As well as being a computer-based learning platform, it also has an app, which enables the learner to use their Smartphone, download courses when they have access to the internet, and study them offline.

The profession council records are updated when the learner is back online, enabling CPD certificates to be issued and the renewal of licenses. The council has full visibility of all activity through a reporting dashboard.

How learners access the platform

Learners access the platform by completing a registration form, attached to their organization’s website. Their details are validated against the profession council’s HR database and then they are sent their account information providing access to the platform.

The WCEA working with the profession councils raise awareness of the platform and its benefits. In many instances, the WCEA marketing engagement platform is used to send emails, SMS and WhatsApp messages. Where possible, the users are provided direct links into the platform, bypassing preregistration.

Platform features

The platform is designed to enable learners to study courses from leading educators, take exams, provide feedback, and interact with their peers without any training. The mobile application improves accessibility significantly, as there is no reliance on a computer and is as feature rich as the online PC version.

What the learners say

Online platform

In addition to the mobile app, we have an online platform that enables users to study on personal computers while connected to the internet. All content adapts automatically to the device to give the user the best learning experience possible.