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New COVID-19 CT detection education tool

With the collaboration of GE Healthcare, Volpara, Amazon, WCEA and University of Sydney, DetectEd-X are launching a world-first, virtual clinical environment software to provide intelligent education on COVID-19 appearances to radiologists everywhere for free. This free access is immediately available by registering at

CovED is an educational solution to transform radiological COVID-19 detection rates. CovED is based on the DetectED-X intelligent interactive educational platform that has revolutionised other radiologic domains and is accredited in the US and elsewhere.

Our platform does not replace expert medical and radiologic training but CovED provides an effective way to recognise rapidly the appearances of COVID-19, which could be critical in a situation of too many patients and not enough expert radiologists, with the modules taking approximately 1 hour to complete.

With This will be immediately crucial in developing countries; where numbers of radiologists are often insufficient – our tests will help people not only diagnose COVID-19 but also identify potentially life-threatening cases wherever they are.


CovED is a web-based system allowing clinicians located anywhere to diagnose de-identified lung CT images and each image interaction is instantly recorded. Specifically, some CT cases will demonstrate COVID-19 appearances, some will not. Radiologists will diagnose images using drop-down menus and post-processing options that are similar to those existing clinically. Each radiologist will diagnose the image in a structured way and give a score of 0-5 based on their confidence a case demonstrated COVID-19 appearances. The type of disease appearance is also chosen.

Since truth is known for each case through expert consensus by a team of expert radiologists, all readings are instantly analysed using truth algorithms. Clinicians are immediately presented with performance values including sensitivity and reader-specific image files are instantly generated so that correct/incorrect decisions can be examined in detail. Any imaging platform (e.g. MAC or PC) with Google Chrome browser can be used.

Please take advantage of CovED simply by registering at for instant access.

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