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Breast Cancer: What is? & What Works?


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Breast Cancer is foremost cancer in Ghanaian women and the leading cause of cancer death. GLOBOCAN estimated that 4482 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020, representing 18.7 % of all cancers in Ghana.
The picture is no different in other African countries. Where it is different, breast cancer is second only to cervical cancer.
Strides have been made in the prognosis of breast cancer worldwide with early detection and more effective treatment driving these successes. Current studies show improved pathological services, increased numbers of qualified oncology personnel ( oncologists, surgeons, oncology nurses, physicists, pharmacists, therapy radiographers), equipment, and medications for the effective treatment of breast cancer.
Challenges abound in Sub-Saharan Africa although the outlook is generally good. Advanced disease at presentation remains an important challenge to improving treatment outcomes in the region.
The low level of suspicion exhibited at the peripheral centers is one of the causes of late presentation. Nurses are front liners in many of these peripheral facilities thus improving their knowledge of the disease will equip them in detecting suspicious lesions and appropriately referring them early for treatment.
The important role of nurses as disseminators of information to the general public will also be enhanced.
This webinar aims at sharing current knowledge on breast cancer and its treatment.

Theme: Breast Cancer: What is? & What Works?


  • To educate the Nurse on the common breast pathologies seen in women.
  • To provide an overview of breast cancer; pathological types, risk factors, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of patients.
  • To discuss some of the side effects associated with the treatment of breast cancer and how to manage them.
  • To address the myths about breast cancer and its management in the sub-region.

Duration: 2 hours


  • Felix Nyante (FWACN, FGCNM), Registrar, Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana


  • Dr. Naa Adorkor Aryeetey (MBChB, MGCPS) Clinical Oncologist, National Radiotherapy and Oncology Centre, KBTH – Accra
  • Naomi Oyoe Ohene Oti (MGCNM, FWACN, MPH, BSN) Head of Nursing, National Radiotherapy and Oncology Centre, KBTH – Accra
  • Eric Odei Brobbey (BSN, RMN) Head, Chemotherapy Unit, Surgical Oncology Unit, KBTH – Accra

Date: Thursday, 21st of October, 2021

Time: 2 PM Local Time (Accra, Ghana)