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How to Use the WCEA Platform?

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The WCEA platform has many uses such as searching for courses, taking exams, and getting certificates.
In this short webinar, we will explain how to use the system in detail.

Theme: How to use the WCEA Platform?*


1. How to login to the App
2. How to reset your password
3. How to find your username
4. The Dashboard
5. How to find courses
6. How to download a course to your wallet
7. How to complete a course
9. How to use your education tracker.
10. How to find and use the LMS

Duration: 1 hour

Moderator: Samantha Chapman
Operations Manager at the World Continuing Education Alliance

Date: Thursday, 3rd of February, 2022

Time: 4 PM Central Africa Time

*This course does NOT award CPD credits.