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Paediatric Trauma & Burns: Prevention and Parental First Aid

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Prevention of paediatric trauma and burns is a thoroughly researched subject and as clinicians, we are all aware of the principles surrounding the subject, but unfortunately, most families in South Africa don’t have the necessary first aid training to assist the child before they get to the hospital. This presentation will review the most common traumatic injuries and burns that our paediatric patients present with and focus on the prevention thereof as well as parental education on the subject.

Webinar title: Paediatric Trauma & Burns: Prevention and Parental First Aid

Speaker: Dr. Elaine Volschenk

I am a WITS-trained Grade I Medical Officer who completed my Internship at CHBAH and did my Community Service at Wesfleur DH in Atlantis, Western Cape. I am an aspiring surgeon with a special interest in paediatric general surgery and trauma. I currently work as an ED doctor for Netcare and enjoy the fast-paced nature of emergency medicine.


  • Review paediatric trauma and burns statistics in South Africa vs Internationally
  • Investigate interventions in place for the prevention of paediatric trauma and burns
  • Educate parents on basic first aid treatment with limited time in the GP’s office
  • Equipt yourself and your patients with readily available resources to prevent trauma and burns

Date: Thursday, 7th of September 2023

Time: 3 pm Central Africa Time (CAT)

Duration: 1 hour

CPD Points: 1