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Contemporary Issues in Tobacco Use and Control

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The presentation will engender an understanding of the evolving trends in tobacco use and control.

Webinar Title: Contemporary Issues in Tobacco Use and Control


  • To explore the current trends in tobacco use
  • To discuss the challenges of instituting evidence-based tobacco control including gaps in knowledge and practice
  • To explore the landscape of evolving measures to mitigate the threat of tobacco to public health

Speaker: Dr A. A. Adebiyi

Dr. Adebiyi is a Public Health Physician and Clinical Epidemiologist with vast experience in policy and practice-relevant research. His vision is to “attain a position in life where his most persistent concerns for the vulnerable can be turned to viable options”. He has contributed to policy formulation and development of many health system interventions at national, and international levels. Dr. Adebiyi has over 100 publications attributed to him while his research emphasis is on tobacco control and cancer prevention. He is the Coordinator of the Nigerian Tobacco Control Research Group and the President-Elect of the International Epidemiological Association.

Date: Tuesday, 12th of September 2023

Time: 3 pm Central Africa Time (CAT) / 2 pm West Africa Time (WAT)

Duration: 1 hour

CPD Points: 1