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Stress and Wellness

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This is a presentation on what stress is, and how it affects the body. It is also supposed to be an interactive and reflective session with the participants.

Webinar Title: Stress and Wellness


  • Understand stand stress
  • How to note stress
  • How to self-manage a stressful situation
  • When to seek care

Speaker: Miss Yvonne Kiogora

“My name is Yvonne Nkatha Kiogora. A practising Clinical Officer in Nairobi- Kenya. I have over 10 years in clinical practice. I have an expansive experience in both the public and private health sectors in different capacities. I am also trained in public health. Currently winding up my specialization in Mental health and Psychiatry. I am also pursuing a master’s in public health. I have a great love for mental health and wellbeing. I have been involved in community awareness of mental health through online media and also physically.”

Date: Thursday, 6th of April 2023

Time: 3 pm Central Africa Time (CAT)

Duration: 1 hour

CPD Points: 1