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Pediatric HIV: Neurologic and Neurodevelopmental Effects

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Many children in Africa fail to reach their full developmental potential. HIV infection and HIV exposure pose additional risks for young children which can manifest as neurological abnormalities and neurodevelopmental delay. The lecture explores risks and protective factors and the benefits of holistic care.

Webinar Title: Neurologic and neurodevelopmental manifestations of paediatric HIV infection


  1. To describe the scope of the problem and how HIV impacts the development
  2. HIV, ART and their effects on neurodevelopment
  3. Neurodevelopment of HIV-exposed uninfected children

Speaker: Dr Renate Strehlau

Dr Strehlau began her career in clinical research investigating the prevention of HIV transmission from mother to infant, as well as optimal and novel drug treatment options for children and adolescents living with HIV. She holds a Masters degree and PhD in the field of early childhood development and maximizing the developmental potential of children affected by and infected with HIV. Dr Strehlau currently heads the VIDA Nkanyezi Unit in Johannesburg, South Africa which investigates infectious diseases in pregnant women and children. She is an active clinician and maintains a busy teaching portfolio.

Date: Thursday, 23rd of March 2023

Time: 4 pm Central Africa Time (CAT)

Duration: 1 hour

CPD Points: 1