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Egyptian Young Nurses, A voice to Lead

Egyptian Young Nurses, A voice to Lead

IND 2021 ENNSSA Webinar. 11th and 12th of May 2021


Egyptian Young Nurses can do more for better Egyptian and regional Nursing future and make Egypt and the region healthier. However, they should be empowered to take the lead.  In the light of International Nurses Day 2021 theme – Nurses: A Voice to Lead, A Vision for Future Healthcare – we invited local and global nurse leaders – who have different areas of local, regional and international experience – to inspire and empower young nurses to take the lead now and encourage them to be a part of forming innovative healthcare future.

Webinar Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 817 2997 4967

Speaker list Day One

pm Cairo time
Session title Speaker Position
9.00 Opening Speech Amal Samir
Mahmoud Badawy
ENNSSA President
ENNSSA Secretary General
9.15 Regional and global networking Ahmed Sabry ENNSSA-International
Cooperation Coordinator
9.30 Young nurses a voice to lea Naeema Al Gasseer WHO Representative in Egypt
9.45 ENNSSA role in Strengthen Nursing in
EMRO framework 2025
Omar Nuruldin ENNSSA-ICT Ambassador
10.00 New innovative nursing education access Craig Fitzpatrick World Continuous Education
10.15 Women and girls Nurses empowerment Hanaa Mahmoud ENNSSA consultation
Committee member
10.30 Impact of empowering Egyptian Young
Nurses to take the lead
Hoda Zaki Dean of faculty of Nursing MTI
Previous National CNO –
Ministry of Health Egypt
10.45 COVID19 and MHPS, young nurses can
Sarah Reda Student Sector President
11.00 Egyptian young nurses and future of
healthcare system
Wafaa Abdelazeem Dean of faculty of Nursing SCU
11.15 Young Nurses collaboration with UN
Ayat Mohamed ENNSSA-ICT Ambassador
11.30 Future of Public Health Awareness
activities, nursing perspectives
Loay Mahmoud ENNSSA Public Health Officer
Speaker list Day Two

pm Cairo time
Session title Speaker Position
9.00 Opening Speech Amal Samir
Mahmoud Badawy
ENNSSA President
ENNSSA Secretary General
9.15 Young Nurses, A voice to lead Arwa Owis Regional Adviser for Nursing,
Midwifery and Allied Health Personnel,
9.30 Media and Nursing profession Ramy Mohamed ENNSSA Media Officer
9.45 New innovation ways to speak up Salma Mohamed Nursing Radio Manager
10.00 Close and recommendations    

For any further communication, contact [email protected] In case of any urgent communication/technical issues during the webinar feel free to contact Mr. Ahmed Sallam, ENNSSA-IND2021 coordinator through this WhatsApp number +201123117132

FYI the webinar will be live streamed through ENNSSA Facebook page for those who cannot use Zoom; also it will be recorded to share it with those who cannot be online at this time because of internet connections issues in some remote areas in Egypt.

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