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New series of e-learning resources launches on key life saving skills

New series of e-learning resources launches on key life saving skills
J&J Foundation

Today the United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA announces the launch of a new series of e-learning midwifery training resources for midwives and other maternity care providers in collaboration with the Johnson & Johnson Center for Health Worker Innovation. These resources focus largely on lifesaving emergency obstetric care and have been developed in partnership with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) and the World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA). These resources can be used for strengthening pre-service education and also for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). They are now available globally via the WCEA App.  

The 4 e-courses now available cover the following topics: Sepsis; Prolonged and Obstructed Labor; Postpartum Hemorrhage; Pre-Eclampsia and Eclampsia. 

The modules include built-in assessments, links to key resources and provide an online opportunity for midwives and other frontline maternity care providers to strengthen their knowledge and skills in these key areas that represent the leading causes of maternal mortality. The modules have been designed to complement in-person training and facility-based mentorship activities. 

Dr Charles Ameh, who leads the Emergency Obstetric Care and Quality of Care unit at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine says, “We have built this training so that midwives and other health care providers can access these modules as a ready reference at work and translate learning into practice.”

“These new e-learning modules provide valuable ongoing CPD which is especially needed during the pandemic where much of the face to face opportunities for learning have become restricted,” says Sarah Bar-Zeev, Midwifery Technical Specialist at UNFPA.  

 “These user-friendly modules are also a great resource for midwives in remote and rural areas, where access to qualified midwifery educators and clinical mentors is lacking,” adds Geeta Lal, Global Midwifery Programme Coordinator at UNFPA

The online modules and mobile app is available in English, with Spanish, French and Portuguese versions released very shortly. These training resources were funded through our long-term partnership with the Johnson and Johnson Foundation

“The World Continuing Education Alliance is honored to be involved in this collaboration and the delivery of essential training to those providing maternal and newborn care  in low and middle income countries. It further emphasizes our partnership approach in providing access to quality evidence based training resources,” said Craig Fitzpatrick, Programme Director at WCEA.

To register for the e-learning modules and the mobile app see: Select your country to access resources approved and certified by your national Midwifery and Nursing councils.

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