WCEA Partners F1000 Announce the Launch of Open Research Africa
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WCEA Partners F1000 Announce the Launch of Open Research Africa

WCEA Partners F1000 Announce the Launch of Open Research Africa

Open Research Africa (ORA) is a publishing venue that provides African research organizations with a dedicated space to share and promote all of their research outputs rapidly and transparently via a bespoke publishing portal.

The platform adopts F1000’s trailblazing open research publishing model which offers researchers the opportunity to share all sound research. It uses a streamlined submission process that supports rapid publication of research outputs, thereby accelerating the dissemination of knowledge and the pace of new discoveries. Open, post-publication peer review promotes understanding of the review and revision process, eliminating unnecessary editorial delays, and removing peer review bias. Once published, all content on Open Research Africa is made available to researchers, patients, teachers, journalists – anyone — free of charge.

ORA is being launched in partnership with leading African science partners, most prominently the Science for Africa Foundation. It is a community platform, working with a number of Gateway partners and the World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA) to enable them to provide healthcare professionals with access to relevant research and support their continued professional development (CPD).

About F1000

F1000 fosters a culture of innovation to accelerate the reach of knowledge and put it in the hands of those who will shape the future. We provide open research publishing solutions and services to organizations such as the European Commission, Wellcome, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as directly to researchers through our own publishing platform, F1000Research. F1000 is wholly owned by the Taylor & Francis Group, an Informa Group company.

If you are interested in partnering with the WCEA to ensure your initiative/project reaches the largest network of nurses, midwives, and medical doctors in Africa, please contact us!

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