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Strengthening International Collaboration for National Engagement and Development Strategies

Strengthening International Collaboration for National Engagement and Development Strategies

In June, the WCEA was invited to attend a side event of the 2023 Bonn Climate Change Conference. The event, hosted by Nurses Across the Borders, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, and Green Mobilization Initiative, had the theme of ‘Strengthening International Collaboration for National Engagement and Development Strategies’.

Pastor Peters Osawaru Omoragbon, Chief Executive Officer of Nurses Across the Borders, stated the session will “address the progress, problems, and prospects of the Global Stocktake and explore the development and training programs opportunities that strengthen national institutions against the climate change crisis”. Omaragbon went on to explain the goal was to “explore south-north collaboration for the development of the implementation of education training programmes”.

Mr Ralueke Ekezie, our lead consultant in Nigeria, had the opportunity to speak at the event and discussed the topic of ‘Using High-Impact training for Healthcare workers on Climate Change and Public Health Education to the largest and fastest network of healthcare organizations & professionals in Africa’, being the WCEA.

In keeping with the theme of the conference, Ekezie emphasises how collaboration in education is dependent on a delivery medium, which is provided by the WCEA. Ekezie went on to explain that the WCEA, in collaboration with Nurses Across the Borders, aim to impact healthcare professionals across Africa using the knowledge of climate change and build the capacity of healthcare practitioners through the provision of bespoke training programmes.

WCEA’s key collaboration partner in Nigeria for Continuing Professional Development, Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria was represented by CEO & Registrar, Dr Farouk Abubakar.

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