Our services are supplied through online Learning Management Systems and Android and iOS phone applications. Each organisation is provided with their own white- labelled system which is administered through their admin portal.

We distribute education from some of the world’s leading educators with courses selected, reviewed and assessed before being supplied into each country based.

Engagement Platform
Organisations upload contact details of their healthcare professionals (emails / cell numbers) to our GDPR compliant system.  Emails and texts are sent to to enable each user to register on the system.

Messages can be sent to all healthcare professionals on their phone applications. Messages can be sent to all users or segmented by filters such as location, specialism etc.

Field Surveys and Reporting
Surveys can be created in multiple formats which are responded to from within the phone applications. In Field Surveys creates the ability to receive vital feedback quickly and accurately helping in areas such as Emergency Response when allocating resources into regions and countries.

Continuing Professional Development
The system provides an out-sourced solution to every organisation for the supply of learning technology, CPD courses and the monitoring of CPD compliance.

Emergency Response
Although initially designed for CPD e-learning, the system provides multiple services which are useful for pandemic response.  The management and development team is reviewing other services than can be added to our applications to strengthen the support that our system can provide to all healthcare professionals and organisations in emergency response situations.